Can’t Play Media When I Move to Another App or Lock Screen

When I pause the media before locking the screen or moving to another app, it gets frozen and won’t play back at all. Sometimes I even can’t quit the media and I need to reopen the app.

Are these local files or are they being streamed?

Which version of Infuse and iOS are you using?

Can you send in a report from your device and post the code here?

I stream media using Plex share.

Infuse Version: 7.2.1, iOS 15.1

Diagnostic Code: BYNAT

So, any help by chance? @james

Are you streaming locally or remotely from Plex?

Does the same thing happen if you simply lock the screen, or close Infuse - and then reopen the app later?

I guess I’m streaming remotely from Plex. I’m just playing content with tapping play, not playing downloaded content.

Yes, when it gets locked, it feels like app has frozen. It happens every time play media, pause it and switch to another app or lock the screen. Especially when I lock the the screen, app just crashed when I’m trying back.

And, could you please have a look at these two issues too: Plex Libraries - Slow to update - #93 by sgs_01 & Sync Trakt with Infuse. These are so annoying and really want to fix those. I couldn’t get any fix for any issue I had with Infuse yet.

And about suggestions, some of them can’t get enough likes because sometimes most of the people couldn’t be active on the forum at a time posted. I think I have great and necessary suggestions but they probably won’t be added because they couldn’t get enough likes.