Can’t play infuse with vpn on

I’m using Wi-Fi and I have my VPN on I’m using Plex server and playing on Infuse
When I try to play on my MacMini where all my files are stored Infuse is showing a buffering wheel or progress wheel spinning and then the error message comes on. when I disconnect from VPN I am able to play on my Mac mini. When I’m on my VPN on the Mac mini I am still able to play videos on my Apple TV With Infuse. For some reason Apple TV and infuse can talk to my Mac mini and find my files with no problem. When I’m connected to my ethernet I have to play my videos first then I turn on my vpn while playing videos in order for me to continuously play day to day and to play until I unplug the Ethernet. Also when I’m on my VPN I downloaded VLC and I am able to play my videos that way I just can’t do it on Infuse.
I’m using an M1 Mac mini with a satachi SSD external drive where my videos are stored nord VPN with the latest Mac OS Monterey

You’ll need to bind your plex server to your main Ethernet interface so that everything doesnt go through your vpn.

It’s under preferred interfaces.

Tried to change some settings didn’t seem to work.

Does your vpn do proper split tunneling? If it doesn’t then you’re SOL.

Oh snap, you helped triage my issue as well. You aren’t SOL as this config has been working for me for years. I’m also using this set up with NordVPN on a Mini and this only started occurring within the last 2 weeks. I opened a support ticket recently so I will def provide that info as well. If you pull up your Plex logs, you’ll see infuse cant locate the correct direct play profiles.

FWIW I had PIA with split tunnel, and Nord without, and it hasn’t changed local playback at all.

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You’re right this was working before. Come to think of it I did do a Plex server update. I really gotta stop doing that they have nothing but problems it worked pretty good for over a year now.

Plex media server updated working fine

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