Can´t Jailbreak 0.7.8

I can´t jailbreak 0.7.8 with the latest Version of iTunes 10.5. No iOS 5 on Apple tv 2.


If iTunes open the firmware it close after few seconds and iTunes is installing jailbreak and then the original firmware.

There is no way to set atv in dfu only with usb. This shit doesn´t work. Only if i put the power cord in the atv too

Different people seem to have different experiences.  There is no problem with having the power cord in to actually get into DFU mode which many seem to need.  I think whether you need it or not is difficult to predict - it is probably some strange interaction between the cable used, the USB port used and the ATV2 itself.  The important thing is to then remove it before actually doing the restore from iTunes as if it is left in the restore tends to fail.    

I don´t understand

What I am trying to say is that many people have the Power plugged in while getting into DFU mode, but then remove it for the restore.

Ok, but i can´t restore the ispw. iTunes delete it and restore the original firmware. If i have no wifi activated it says that iTunes can´t contact the restore server. 

Same issue here… Anyone know how to solve?