Can´t install XBMC and Media Player [solved]

Today I used the PwnageTool 4.3 to Jailbrak my ATV2 sucsessfully.

After that I did install aTVFlash-black-b4 but the Media Player an XBMC I could not install. "There is a broken installation packet" or so. Can youl help? Thank you.


Couch Surfer and other installations are OK.

Same problem here... :-(

SSH into your AppleTV and follow these instructions:

Media Player installed fine after that... 



Just tried thos instructions and they do not appear to have helped.   I still crash if I try to play a mkv file from XBMC with Media Player also installed, and it still works subsequently in XBMC  if I remove Media player.

Thank you achimv.4778, this did help installing XBMC and the media player correctly.

But until now the media player every time crashes if it should play videos ...

XBMC is not as stable as the last version for iOS 4.1.