Can´t install hotspot shield

Hi, i can´t install hotspot shield.

Every time i try to download it, there comes an error.

I´m located in germany.

Anybody an idea?

Further i can´t found the air mouse option to use firefox with my iPhone.

THX a lot.

Suffering from the same problem.

Downloads but installation fails from what I can see.

Same problem!

same problem for me

Hi, also problem installing HotSpot Shield, Error on download(seems address for download may be incorrect).

Located in Sydney,Australia.

Have logged query with Admin but still awaiting reply.

Regards,Good Luck


Yes, I can’t install hotspot and the mobile mouse isn’t coming up as an option under Maintenance -> Settings so I can’t use my Firefox. I hope they fix the mobile mouse soon.

Hello.guys i have a problem with hotspot shield too.I download the program but there is an error “Windows hasn’t checked Hotspot shield” what does it  mean i can’t install it.I have installed it ago.

I approached FC Admin about problem and they admit that Hotspot Shield has withdrawn their link from FC, will locate my reply from them and post it here later today.



Loated my reply from FC Admin as follows:

Hi, it turns out Hotspot Shield no longer supports Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) which the AppleTV runs. Unfortunately this means Hotspot Shield is no longer supported on the AppleTV. Sorry.”

December 22, 2011 11:33
I have ATV Gen.1., do not know if Hotspot Shield is supported on Gen.2. but would suggest that it does not, the only way to get Hotspot  and subsequently HULU which is what you all want to view is to either 1. stream from your PC to TV direct bypassing ATV or by somehow installing program from PC onto ATV directly from PC into XBMC???? don't really know but suggest we try - advise if any clever dicks can solve problem of getting it on to their system without having to connect via wire. Another way is to download Hotspot onto PC and record HULU programs onto DVD and play on your DVD Player.


Am quite pissed with FC Admin as we pay good money for program Project which is incomplete and the attraction mainly is HotSpot, they know about it and continue to advertise on their website that it is available for ATV, we need to make a noise to Admin about either upgrading Hotspot or disclose truth to possible future purchases, or refunding our money.!!!