Can´t find Nas D-link ShareCenter on Infuse

I just got a D-link Sharecenter and relocated all my media on to it. 

Now I have successfully found it and set it up in XMBC but I can´t find it in Infuse. 

This is a pesky problem because I prefer Infuse to XBMC. 

Is there anybody here with the solution for me?

I have a share center as well, 323 or 321… It’s been too long :wink:

I add the shares by choosing SMB

The location of the share:

\[friendly name for your NAS, whatever you see on the network[shared folder]

For example, mine is:


Make sure you’re using the correct username and password for the share.

It’s funny, I’ve had an easier time setting up Infuse than xbmc. But I also agree that Infuse is just much more basic for everyday usage.