Can’t find metadata in infuse, but it’s listed in thetvdb

I’m looking at the HBO series Band of Brothers. Whenever I search for it on, it’s like second entry.

But when I search in Infuse on iPhone or Apple TV, everything is listed EXCEPT band of brothers… there’s even an entry for the making of band of brothers.

This is infuse 6.5, on the latest iOS and tvOS.
I’ve searched:
Band of brothers
Band brothers
Band brother

Is it just me? What else could be going on here?

Can you provide a sample of how you have the files named?

To you have your language set to something other than auto or English? I see it as the first item when I search.


I have tried both auto and English for metadata language.

Is there anything else that could affect my search results?

Try “Band.Of.Brothers.S01E01.1080p.5.1Ch.BluRay.ReEnc.mkv”

Infuse needs the season reference even though its a one season show.

This file structure just pulled all the metadata instantly.

Band of Brothers File structure

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Wow, that did it! Thank you so much!
It’s interesting that the file names had an effect on manual searching.

Dang. Thank you.

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You’re welcome! :+1:

The file name gives Infuse a pointer as to which database to look at. If it’s a “Name Year.ext” Infuse will look for a movie at TMDB. If it’s a “Name S0xE0x.ext” it will look at TVDB for a TV series.

As usual, there are exceptions where a TV show “MAY” need the year after the name and before the season/episode info but that’s rare. If you follow the basic formats for both you’ll get just about a perfect match each time.

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