Can’t download from my NAS


I don’t know why I can’t download movies from my NAS. I’m able to download from GD. It works great but from the NAS its stop at 6%.

Diagnostics: NK2AY

Locally or away from your home network? Can you stream from home while away? Home internet often has really slow upload speeds, unless you’ve got premium services.

Locally, I can stream but for some reason can’t download. I have to do it through GD or going directly from Files to NAS & then save it to my device.

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Legacy seems to solve the problem but it goes super slow. Speed test on my NAS is 130Mbps average vs Google Drive 435Mbps. Any way to get higher speed?

Local hard drives should read data in MB/s speeds (topping out at around 200 MB/s).

Internet speeds are reported in Mb/s speeds.

The difference being (B)ytes vs. (b)its. With 8 bits in a byte, if your local NAS is only putting out 16 MB/s (130/8) there’s definitely something wrong. If it’s putting out 130 MB/s, then it likely is operating normally considering some NAS hard drives operate at slower 5400rpm speeds or expend overhead by doing on the fly encoding or decryption.

My local internet monopoly tops out (in my price range) at a mere 50 Mb/s … so that 435 Mb/s service you have … I couldn’t even imagine.

What kind of NAS do you have? Cheaper NAS units can have junk processors which can lead to lower transfer rates.

Mine is a Synology NAS DS920+