Can’t delete some files from infuse pro version 6.5.8

I can’t delete movies and tv series in app, file and even in itunes. Please kindly help and fix it.

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What device are you using?
Do you have the File Management option turned on?

I’m using ipad pro. Yes file management is on.

Are these files downloaded to the iPad?

Are they being streamed from a local server?

If their being streamed from a local server have you verified that the user name/pass word you logged into that server with has read/write privileges and not just read?

What happens when you try to delete a file? Error message, freeze, etc?

Files are copied from my external hard drive. For some movies also have same error deleting. I tried in itunes, no error showing but it can’t be deleted also.

This shows when I tried to delete in file app.

It appears that it’s either a problem with permissions to read/write. It looks like you have read only.

Another possibility is that the files may be locked? Do a get info on the ones giving you problems to check.


Look at the original file on the drive with other than the file app. Since you can’t delete it from the file app either it suggests there is either a permissions problem or a file locked issue.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but maybe try transferring a test file other than a video for Infuse say a text file or some other document using the file app and see if you can then delete it.

I can delete other videos/file document. Some file only are not.

Which version of iOS are you using?

Is this affecting all files in Infuse, or just a few?

Are you able to delete files in other apps?

As a drastic measure, if you were to remove Infuse, it would also delete any synced videos stored inside.

My iPad Pro is iPadOS 14.3.

Few files only are affected.

Yes I can delete/move same file in other apps.

If delete/uninstall infuse, it also delete the files inside. So I need to copy again lots of files and takes time to do that.