Can’t change custom poster art. Can only set once

I’m unable to change any custom poster art. I can set it once, but it doesn’t change if I replace that image for a different poster and re-match the movie to refresh the metadata.

For example, if I have the following:


And I delete/replace the jpg above with a different poster image, I can’t get this change to update in Infuse. I am editing & re-matching the movie to refresh the metadata. This issue happens in both tvOS and iPadOS.

There is a kind of workaround. If the movie is in its own folder, I can rename the new poster image to something different like poster1.jpg and it’ll pick it up. The strange thing with this is, if I rename the image back to the original filename (poster.jpg) it reverts the image back to the original poster art. So it’s not deleting the older poster from the metadata cache, that’s another possible issue.

This is on a SMB share.

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I’ve been having this problem since the last update.