Can someone post me an idiots guide to Hulu for use in UK

Hi I just updated with ATV Flash and installed Nito TV and XBMC/Boxee. I set up Boxee with my location of UK and can see BBC iPlayer app fine

Hulu is on the list I click and can chose a program but it just plays a black box or video or sound. I read a little about this VPN stuff but don’t undestand it all. Do I need to set my location to US or something?

I think ATV flash is great now (had probs with my Apple TV hardware), and if I can get Hulu as I’ve read it’s great to work it has all the shows I like on, lost, 24 etc

please post a step by step guide for me (and others) to help me please


There is a guide for setting up a VPN the AppleTV at the link below. This requires subscribing to a 3rd party VPN provider such as Witopia, BlackVPN or any provider that supports OpenVPN.

I’m confused on the wiki though It says option 1 hotspot shield free, is this all I need to do to be able to get Hulu content for me from where I am in UK?

Ok I will sign up, enable VPN as per guide but then what please?

Do I set my region to USA? or where please? will this not then disable BBC iPlayer? ie if I set to USA using VPN I will get Hulu? but not BBC iPlayer?

Is this why Hulu is crashing/not playing Hulu content at the moment because I am set to UK?

So basically I want BBC iPlayer and Hulu to work, please help