Can Only See One Folder on PC

I am trying to connect my Windows 10 pc to Infuse 7 Pro on my AppleTv 4K - it can only see my default win10 Videos folder… The main folder with my media files are on a seperate 8tb sata drive… I have share permissions on the main folder but Infuse only sees the main video folder? Is it possible to connect to the folder I want? fingerscrossed

The users guide under the win 10 info may help.

Thanks for the reply, I have tried a manual SMB connection as per the guide you posted, but it gives me an error response. Is the user name my Window Microsoft Account email or is it something else?

Also fyi, the auto connect share which is working but is only seeing the default videos folder is not SMB but UPnP/DLNA.

Did you follow the link to the PC set up in the users guide for “Enable File Sharing”?

I’m 100% Mac now and haven’t done much at all with Win machines. It looks like they give you pretty complete instructions on those links.

Thanks that’s it. I must have missed something when I tried that before. It’s working now!

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