Can not see any music file. Just Blank

I installed infuse ess. 4 days before. I have apple tv 4 and using infuse ess.

My external hdd is connected to my router with dual band 5 gHz ( Asus DSL-AC68U). Infuse recognises it without any problem. I checked it as a favorite also.

I can see and play all movies succesfully in external hdd which connected to Asus. But I cannot play any music files. Because, I can not see any music file on the screen. I have mp3s or flacs. But nothing see.

Also, ı cannot see iso files either.

Is there any solution?


No point in posting the same questions twice in different threads!

Music files are not currently supported.
Iso files may not be seen if connecting via Dlna - it depends on whether the dlna server shows them (normally they do not).