Can not restore purchased from Infuse user 1.x


I purchased Infuse v1.x on July 5th 2013 from iTunes Gift Apps (I paid my friend for $4.99 to Gift This Apps to my email) using redeem code.

Infuse now release v.2.x for free but if you want upgrade to Pro you must pay $6.99 from In-App Purchase.

Infuse tell me :
Existing user from Infuse 1.x is free Upgrade to Pro on Infuse 2.x, just choose restore purchase on Infuse 2.x.

I can't restore purchase on Infuse 2.x, if i want Upgrade to Pro i must pay again.
I'm using same Apple ID when i redeem Infuse from iTunes Gift Apps on 5 July 2013.

1. Why i can't restore my purchase on Infuse 2 to Upgrade to Pro? I'm using same apple ID on Infuse 1.x.
2. Is there a problem restore purchase if i buy this Apps from iTunes Gift Apps (using redeem code)?

I'm asking to help me, so i can restore purchase on Infuse 2, to Upgrade to Pro. Thank you.