Can not restore previously purchsed Infuse 2 pro

A little frustrated and trying to get my pro to work again.


I originally purchased Infuse 2 for 4.99. I updated to the newer version with the IOS 7 look. But after updating to its most recent version of 2.1, it is no longer a pro account for some reason, I went ahead a hit the restore button. Put in my iTunes log in and password, but I keep getting the message “would I like to upgrade to pro for 4.99”

To be sure I purchased pro originally I did double check my itunes account under previous purchases and I did.

I read another thread on here with some one else having the same problem, they recommeded reinstalling the previous version from iTunes. But I generally don’t keep previous app versions saved and already emptied my recycle bin. So going back is not a option…

I have put in a request with support but I am still awaiting for a respone.

any one have any suggestions?



Just to clarify, did you purhcase the Infuse app itself, or the Infuse Pro In-app purchase?

If the In-app purchase was previously downloaded, it will always be available, as it’s not possible to buy it twice.

If you purchased the app (prior to the release of Infuse 2) but did not take advantage of the free Infuse Pro In-app purchase (available from early October up until the release of Infuse 2) you may need to first re-install Infuse 1.5, then update to Infuse 2.1.

Hope this helps.

I believe it was the app I think, not 100% sure. According to my itunes purchase history I bought the infuse app not sure what version exactly for 4.99 this was around August 2013, while still on ios 6 on my ipad 4th gen. Everything has worked just fine and fully functional up until I updated to 2.1. I haven’t kept up with all these new changes and differences, I just use it to upload shows, movies and basic usage. But the main reason I got it was it for the variety of formats it played.

How do I get back to 1.5???


I can no longer get 1.5

Just an update to this problem. I contacted support and they suggested the same to downgrade back to 1.5, again this was not possible for me since I did not have a back for the 1.5 firmware saved. They told me to go ahead and repurchase it and they refunded me back my 4.99 via paypal.