Can not recognize tvshow using NFO file

After I tried to manually write metadata files for some episodes that could not be found in TVDB, infuse was unable to display them as episodes.
This is the first time I’ve set up metadata manually, and I’m not sure if this is an infuse problem or just me.

NFO files

file structure

├── Season 1
│   ├── season.nfo
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E001.买车出发.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.mp4
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E001.买车出发.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.nfo
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E002.瞬间变心.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.mp4
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E002.瞬间变心.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.nfo
│   └── ...
└── tvshow.nfo

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