Can not play Apple created DVDs after update.

Hi all.

My ATV used to work just fine…

After latest updates Nito 0.8.8 AppleTV 4.1 etc I am no longer able to play my homemade DVDs. Other Movies and DVDs plays fine…

My homemade DVDs are made using iDVD and have never before had any problems. All permissions on all DVDs have been repaired and everyone can read and write the files. To me it seems like MPlayer is trying to play the DVDs instead of Quicktime. I have changed the setting where you chose between Quicktime, MPlayer or Mixed to Quicktime only. The main menu of the DVDs is seen but everything is slow and choppy and its not possible to select the different menuitems using Apples remote. When trying a timeline pops up and various info about the movie qualities are seen. I believe this is because MPlayer is executing the file instead of Quicktime. Its not possible to select the menuitems like play or chapters.

I have been through the whole mess of preferences and options and utilities etc many times to find a way to make Quicktime the standard player but to no avail.

I am using an external USB drive to store the DVDs.


Was the AppleTV system software updated recently? If so, the Smart Installer will need to be re-run.

Thanks, it has been run several times :wink:

same problem here, mplayer is used to play the DVDs now (I guess the blue on screen icons are mplayer)… no matter what i choose as playing mode!
I don’t know this OSD… my DVD playing used to work fine till the latest update!

I can’t navigate the menu!

I tried restore to factory settings an reinstall newest ATV Software an than the newest ATVFlash → smart installer run without failure…

my frontrow documents folder contains the recovery image ant the combo update

Any Idea where I can search for a solution…?!

I’ll pass your info along and see if we can replicate the issue here.


Please tell me if I can help you solving the problem by giving you info about my setup etc. I have been using macs for 20 years and know them intimately.

To the rest of you experiencing this issue: Please reply here with your thoughts :sunglasses:

The same thing here, menu’s do not always function especially with homemade dvd’s.

On the other hand i copied from a original dvd from the singer sting the video_Ts to apple tv same issue, other movies work fine that way. If i click fast forward i can see that the menu is in a loop. I an other home made dvd with preview panes the movie plays in the preview pane. In the previous version it worked fine.


it must be nitoTV…

isn’t it possible to downgrade nitoTV? Or can’t you offer us a download link for ATV 4.1?

ok, problem still pending under nito 0.8.7 (I Replaced the nito folder in the packet content of the with my older version restored with Time Machine)

result: ATVFlash 4.1.1 with nitoTV 0.8.7, problem still there…

so I will try an older ATVFlash Version! I had everything working fine before this update! :frowning:

Nice work! Keep testing :wink:

ok… works again here!

I’m back on 3.0.1 using ATVPwn!
From that point on the better solution for me!!!

Use the free alternative ATVUSB to create a Patchstick that only enables SSH, or use ATVFlash
Factory Restore Your AppleTV, update to 3.0.2 and use ATVPwn to restore to what ever Version you want and enable SoftwareUpdater and nitoTV etc.
I miss the chance to get back to former Versions with ATVFlash!

ATVPwn also installs SoftwareMenu which is the alternative to Maintenance but with the nice feature to backup and restore older versions of the plugins!

here’s the hint:

Updated to ATV 4.1.2 and Nito 0.9.0 plus ran the Smart Installer.

And YES! The updates worked and I can now play all my DVDs. The player chosen seems to be Quicktime and not MPlayer as before.

There are however many other issues to be solved. Boxee and several other apps do not run and the whole GUI needs a major overhaul as described before.

But the major issue now is that some (only some) of the HD videos are still not running fluently and occationally even make a full stop. Please focus on this issue for next improvements.

Best regds


ATV w external 1GB USB harddrive. Mainly used for playing commercial and homemade DVDs…