Can Not Open File

I downloaded the windows file and when I try to open it says unknown file.  I deleted and re-downloaded it with same result.

Same problem:  Here's the email I sent to support:

Downloaded the windows version; the file that now resides on my computer is
entitled "aTVFlash" and is 48,456 KB. Doubleclicking on the file does not do
anything. It will not open with any programs, and simply comes back as
"unknown file type" and "unknown publisher" (I am running Windows 7 64 bit
version). I tried Winzip, which I use to decompress most programs, and that
didn't work. Using Windows Live to identify the correct program to use for
decompression also yielded no results. I looked in your user forum, but
found no recent threads that were helpful.

What gives?

Tried again this morning when I got to my office, using my comuter there, to see if using a different OS (Windows XP pro) or network made any difference.  Nada.  Same result, an unrecognizable 48,456 KB file that is useless.  Looking forward to tech support responding to my email, as so far I've spent $49.95 on useless electrons.  I hope this is not a preview of things to come with this software.

Same problem tried on 3 different pc's , same issue , no data i support forum!!

Seems the problem is MIME related , but when getting support for this further sw is reqiured , and not free!!

Support responded as follows: 

Support, Nov 29 16:13 (MST):We're sorry for the trouble. We've made a few adjustments to the download server - please try the download again and let us know if the issue persists.

And I responded thus:  Same result.  The file I paid $49.95 for continues to be entirely unusable.  I don’t think it was a server download problem; the problem appears to be in the file itself, and something is missing that allows it to run as you intend under the Windows OS.  I am happy to either have my money refunded, or for you to continue resolving the coding issue, and tolling the beginning of my one-year account until the time at which the software becomes operational.

Problem Solved!!!When right-clic on file , only "file" appears in file name , rename the file to "atvflash.exe" , and it works!

Kind regards!

I tried the "right click" fix, but it still wouldn't work for me (glad to hear it did for others, though).  Good news is that support got back to me and said:

If you're still having trouble with the download please try the alternate links below.

I followed that PC link, and it worked perfectly.  Thanks to all.

Sorry, this issue was related to a recent CDN provider switch. The issue has been resolved and the links in your account should be working again.

Again we're sorry for the trouble, and appreciate your patience.