Can not find dynasties (2018) series

How can ı find this series while searching?
Infuse can not find it, it’s poster, it’s fanart either after search

Have you named it with the year ?

My files called “Dynasties (2018) S01E01 - Chimpanzee” work great.

There wasnt.
I applied 2018. And it worked. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I had the same issue. But I do not understand why Infuse does not return the correct result when manually editing metadata and searching. You would expect a search for “Dynasties” to include this in the results, correct?

I’m having the same issue with Top Gear: Vietnam Special, infuse can’t find it at all, it’s found all my other Top Gear Specials.

Anyone else own it and has managed to find it?


I have it as ‘‘Top Gear - 12x08 - Vietnam Special’’ and it works.

Awesome thanks very much.


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