Can not download ipsw 5.2.1 using seasonpass

My Apple TV is already jailbroken Using new computer gateway need to instal ipsw 5.2.1 does not give me the download option it goes stright to connect your device And the option for for tethered boot is blank grey
Any help plz


Right-click the “create ipsw” box and select 5.2.1, the program will download 5.2.1. When downloaded you choose the “boot tethered” option.

ofcourse i did that  and still takes me stright to the point i described. waiting to connect your device  and no download was happening .   i did more than 40 apple jailbreak and i saw it all   .this is the first time that this weired problem is happening .

Hi I am haveing the same problems it will not download
It comes up with connect devise
Have you got over this prob if so can you let me no

When it says connect your device. All u do is connect your device and do the what it says. When it’s done hit ok. And leave your apple connected. Then right click on ipsw and choose the version you want to download and it will take it. If it asks to save the firmware. Say no