Can no longer stream 1080p or 4K MKVs locally to iPad/iPhone

It seems like 1-2 updates ago, I could stream 1080p and 4K MKVs over WiFi to my iPad and iPhone, but I am now getting constant buffering (every 5-15 seconds), which of course makes the movies unwatchable.

I’m even having some trouble reliably streaming MKVs to my Apple TV 4Ks which are using Gigabit ethernet connections.

But for WiFi on an iPad Pro and iPhone, I have super-fast (1Gbps) service from Comcast, and Speedtest reports I am getting downstream speeds of 500+Mbps, which should be more than enough to smoothly stream 1080p and 4K MKVs from within my own local area network.

I’ve tried restarting my cable modem, routers, and all switches, but the frequent buffering persists. I even contacted Comcast support to make sure I was receiving a full signal, and their Health Check reported my internet connection is fine—though that shouldn’t have any bearing on using WiFi to connect to local SMB NAS devices.

FWIW, I have three different NAS devices that comprise my Infuse Library. All three are connected via SMB. Two are Netgear ReadyNAS devices, and one is a Synology DiskStation.

Are there any troubleshooting steps I can perform to solve this?


We’re looking into a few reports of this, but in a meantime a pair of workarounds can be found here.

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