Can no longer FTP to ATV....

I’ve made no changes, no updates, nothing since the beginning of the year, yet, I can no longer open a connection with Cyberduck so I can transfer my files to my AppleTV… Any thoughts? I just get an I/O error. I’ve reset the ATV and all my network devices as well…

Using Terminal on my Mac, it reports back “connection refused on port 22”

I’m lost…

Is this how you have your settings?

If you do have it that way and can not connect then I would suggest unplugging the Apple TV and the router and replug them back in. There has to be something wrong with the connection or it’s possible maybe something went wrong in the Apple TV. Try that and let me know how it goes.

Yup! Everything but the IP address. Here’s the error I get:

I have unplugged the ATV and my Router/Switches several times, hoping it would fix the problem. No joy. :frowning:

You may want to try using AppleTV.local instead of the IP address. Unless you have the Apple TV setup using a static address, the Apple TV IP address may change from time to time.

Also, the port will matter depending on the protocol you choose.

FTP = port 21
SFTP = port 22

Thank you for further clarification but, alas, neither worked. I tried both with the IP address and with “AppleTV.local” and both protocols FTP on port 21 and SFTP on port 22 nothing is working, it keeps saying “connection refused”.

Should I reinstall ATVFlash? I figure this is my last resort unless there is something else to try…

Thanks in advance!

Try reflashing the Apple TV with aTV Flash and if that does not work, you will most likely have to restore to factory settings and then reflash. :frowning:

o.k. I’m an idiot! :lol: Some how my ATV decided to do an update to the most current version which knocked out my ATVFlash… DUH!

All is well now.

Thanks for your help