Can no longer change DNS manually

Would like to know if there is any way to MANUALLY configure my DNS server after doing jailbreak?

I did mine from here

I know the DNS may be a different number, but this is the process.

Yes thank you carls…I guess i should have explained the problem better.
I use Unblockus to get the U.S netflix, and that was working fine…then when i used SeasOnPass to jailbreak my ATV i could no longer change my DNS configuration manually…that option just did not appear when i went into my network settings.

I am also having this issue, was there ever a response for this?

Yes you can, it’s just in a different place. I set my DNS manually last night. You don’t even have to cycle through all of the other options (subnet mask etc.) the only option available when you choose to change the DNS is the DNS settings themselves.

Have a root around somewhere in your network settings. I can’t remember exactly where I found it but I’ll post the instructions when I again have control of the TV.

To manually change DNS, go to Settings -> Network then Wi-fi. Your connection should be on the list of devices that are within range. Click on your connection and a screen should appear that allows you to manually change your DNS.

It’s actually easier to change (certainly more informative and intuitive) in iOS 5.2 - it is just in a different place.

What if it is stuck and can’t be changed? I changed it to Google dns and now it us stuck…
Is there a terminal tweak to change the dns? Is there a fix?

Is there a way to change the DNS settings on Apple TV 2nd Gen iOS 5.0.2? I am not able to see the settings under General > Network > WiFiName