Can my ISP see what I’m streaming?

If I stream a file from my seed box server, can my isp see the name of the file I’m streaming?

Did your ISP send you a request for a specific movie for the weekend? :laughing:

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It depends…

Assuming you are using something like WebDAV - if you’re using https, the ISP will only be able to see the domains that you visit.


If you’re not using https, then they can also see the full URL.


Some more info can be found in this guide.

Can they see the file name? I’m using plex.

No they can’t. If configured plex uses secure connections.

When in doubt, a VPN solves such worries. As a non-paid recommendation, I’ve had great results with Mullvad. The Mozilla Foundation recently chose them to run their new VPN service, but I’ve always just purchased it directly through them. I pay monthly, no commitment, about $5 or $6 depending on exchange rate.

How did you install Mullvad on the ATV?


You either install it on your router (between the internet and the Apple TV) or virtual router (using a laptop, for example) …

… or you install the Mullvad iOS app on your iPhone or iPad with the iOS version of Infuse and stream from there, using Airplay to send the stream to your Apple TV.

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