Can my ATV2 be jailbroken


I'm in need of some help...............

I have recently purchased a second hand Apple TV 2 with the intention of jailbreaking it, the guy who i purchased it from insisted he had'nt updated if for a long time meaning a unteathered jailbreak would be possible although when i got the unit home the operating system it is currently running is 7.0.3.

I'm not sure this can be jailbroken at all as i dont have any backups of the previous software, i have read somewhere that if i download seasonpass then an old software version can be restored to the unit at the same time, is this ture? or have apple stopped this happening?

If not, is there anyway i can jailbreak my apple tv 2 teathered or unteathered?

I would really appreciate any help and advise.

Many thanks


Read and follow the sticky.  Watch the YouTube video.

Thanks very much, I'm Jailbroken successfully!