Can mulitple ATV's "talk" to each other?

I haven’t seen this anywhere so I’m assuming it’s not possible…but thought I’d ask anyway.  If you have more than one ATV in the house, can the metadata be shared between them?  What I means is, if I watch a show on ATV #1, is it possible to show it as “watched” on ATV 2?  Thanks!

Not at the moment, although FireCore have indicated they are receptive to the idea so it may come in a later release.

I see that there may be two parts to your request from an implementation viewpoint:

  • Sharing TV show metadata so that it does not need to be downloaded separately for each ATV2. I could see this being implemented by storing the metadata back on the share where the media files live. The media player already picks up this sort of metadata if it is stored with media, so simply writing it there when downloaded by the media player would build on the current capability.
  • Sharing status information such as watched status and the view types for each folder. Where this might be stored I do not know. Storing it in iCloud might make sense as that would provide both a mechanism for sharing between devices linked to the same account and an automatic backup mechanism. Alternatively it could also be stored with the media files.