Can movie fanart be replaced with my own image

Hi all,

There are quite a number of fan art images that are not good at all and that takes away from the overall experience on using InFuse.
Can I place an image in the movie directory (I have movies each in their own directory) and have Infuse use it instead of the scraped one?

I know I can replace (what I will call) the thumbnail by placing an image of the same name as the movie in the movie directory but using what I see in the metadata howto adding “-fanart” to the image doesn’t seem to get picked up.

Yes, -fanart is the addition you will want to use.


Inception.mkv and Inception-fanart.jpg

After adding the image, you’ll need to use the Edit option in Infuse to refresh the artwork.

Would that work with movie collection as well? There is one I desperately need to change…

You can’t override Collection artwork at this time. However, Infuse is using TMDb for Collection artwork and info, which is a community maintained database. If something is missing, incomplete, or has poor artwork you are able to submit changes that will be available to apps like Infuse.

You can signup for a free account and start making changes here.

Right, I worked that out eventually.
One other question though.

If the year is present in the containing directory and the movie name, eg.
Inception (2010)/
—> Inception (2010).mkv

Does the fanart image name also need to include the year or is it optional?
That is do:
—> Inception (2010)-fanart.jpg
—> Inception-fanart.jpg
both work ok.

I didn’t get that edit to refresh was needed and found that the fanart that includes the year works but am wondering if it is needed?