Can iPad 2 play everything Media Player on aTV can?

Before jailbreaking my Apple TV 2, I had no idea the wealth of file formats it could play (using Media Player). DVD ISOs, AVI files, 720p MKVs, etc.

Since the iPad 2 and Apple TV 2 share many of the same internals (I think), are there any apps for the iPad that can also play some of these files?

I got the VLC application before it was pulled, so I can play SD AVI files well enough. I’m mainly curious if there are apps that can play more than that, assuming the iPad 2 can support it.

Basically, any way for the iPad 2 to play non-iTunes file formats?

I am looking for the perfect app too, especially something to play 720P MKV’s smoothly. The only app that can do this is XBMC but you need to jailbreak to use it but you need to do that for the Apple TV too so I don’t see you will have any problem with that. The reason I don’t like using XBMC is that it is bloated and feels rendered and not native, the power of Firecore’s ATV Flash is that it feels native.

Azul Media Player through the ITUNES store not the app store for Ipad2. Only $1.99 US. Also has a streaming beta function that is working pretty good. Check it out.

Stream2me / Serve2me work to allow transcoding to your iPad of multiple formats.  You’ll need some good computer horsepower to handle the transcoding.  I limit mine to 480p which is hardly noticeable on the iPad 2.

Apps are just something you can play files with and more often than not, they still make use of the native codecs supported on the hardware in order to play video files.

I mean, you could have VLC running but if it is not able to run its own codecs, then it is doomed to still fail.  I guess you really have to find your own codecs which is working on the device to make it work.


Best solution for me (paid app) was Air Video. Transcodes via PC but because it uses the native bonjour interface it’s an absolute snap to set up, and stable as all hell.


Another option is VLC for ipad, not very stable though. Or XBMC for ipad if you’re jailbroken. Handbrake conversion is great if you want to add the files to itunes (good free option but pretty much not an option if you have a massive library).

For anyone else curious, I eventually found the GoodPlayer app. It seems to handle just about every file I throw at it, though it has its problems with streaming for me.

So as for the question of whether the iPad 2 can play everything the Apple TV 2 can, that seems to be definitively answered with apps like GoodPlayer, Azul Player, AcePlayer, etc. Hope this helps someone!

I use an app called AVPlayerHD. It’s got a horrendous icon and even worse user interface. No, seriously. It looks like it was designed by either a programmer or a monkey (both species that have no design sense). Still, this thing will plow through anything. Big-ass MKVs, AVIs, WMVs, with text subtitles (srt), with VobSub subtitles, long story short basically anything I threw at it, it just played with no chopping or freezing. It’s a champ.

Never did tried a dvd .iso, because that would take forever to put there and I never have enough free space on my iPad but I would not be surprised if it played that too.

I believe it’s paid, but it don’t remember how much it cost for it doesn’t matter, it’s worth it. Best part is that for feeding it files you can use either the app data tab on iTunes, its own http/ftp server OR you can grab files yourself using the app’s ftp client.