Can Infuse work away from my home network

I’m streaming Infuse from my Seagate PerossnalCloud NAS, and weight now I can’t access my content on the go. Is that possible in any way?

That should be a very simple question - but there dosen’t seem to a any simple answers…?

I believe this has been discussed several times already in other topics. There are several ways to access your content when you’re not connected to your home network. Check the FTP of WEBDAV possibilities.

Okay - I couldn’t find it. Could You link to it?

It looks like Seagate supports FTP for remote access.

More info here.

Thanks for that James.

Well, to be honest, I’m a bit confused about the safety of my data when using the NAS as a FTP. I’ve been searching the internet, and there seems to be some different perspectives on that case. According to this link it sounds pretty unsafe: Infuse 5 or 4 to have remote acces to NAS outside Home
So is it safe to use?

Connecting via FTP still requires a username/password, so as long as you have a strong password setup it should be pretty safe (in the link above Seagate states it is secure).