Can Infuse tell me if Dolby Vision is being utilized on a DV+HDR file?

For my 4k blu-rays with Dolby Vision, they have an HDR fallback layer that is used if the device does not support Dolby Vision. For my own sake, is there a way to tell which one of these Infuse is using when playing a file?

Infuse will show an HDR or DV tag on the details page, and this will reflect what is able to be played.

If it’s a dual layer (HDR+DV), Infuse will most likely display an HDR tag as this is the format that is supported on Apple devices.

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Yes I saw this. My DV+HDR file says DV here, I assumed it said that because DV would take precedence over HDR as far as this icon is concerned, not display what is actually being played

Don’t compatible Macs support Dolby Vision, according to this article? Play HDR video on Mac - Apple Support

So shouldn’t it switch to the DV tag?

Infuse will only show DV tag if it can play it as DV. Not all DV files are supported by apple devices.


Apple devices only support certain flavors of Dolby Vision. Other formats will fall back to HDR.

A good overview can be found here.