Can infuse pro play DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD sound tracks?

Hi - can someone please clarify these 4 questions for me? Please give me as much detail as possible so that I understand it fully.
(My set up Synology DS918+ NAS with my rips on it–>APTV4K with infuse Pro -->Denon X3500H amp)

  1. Can infuse pro play my rips with DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD sound tracks through my newly purchased AV receiver?
    I read somewhere on this forum before that there was a bug with tvOS which broke the passthrough - and if so, has this been fixed already?

  2. I know infuse Pro is supposed to be able to send lossless DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD sound tracks via LPCM (software decode) to a receiver, is the software decoding any inferior in performance compared to the same soundtrack being transmitted via a standalone media player which then is decoded via the receivers hardware?

  3. is there any difference in sound quality in infuse pro sending DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD sound track via LPCM?

  4. A friend of mine has said to me he is not a fan of the infuse pro because the player should only decode the video and the receiver should decode the audio. Does it matter who is doing the decoding and why?

TvOS use to bitstream regular DTS and Dolby. HD tracks where always converted to PCM.

As per your inquiry on whether there is a difference the short answer is no. For a longer answer read here

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So just to confirm Infuse Pro can play the DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD sound tracks from my rips through the receiver?

Infuse does support DTS-HD MA and TrueHD, and the full lossless audio will be sent to your receiver as LPCM.

The decoding process itself is standardized between all Dolby/DTS certified products (Infuse is certified and licensed for both) so in the end there is no difference whether this decoding is done by Infuse or your receiver. A bit more info on this can be found here. Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore

The only real caveat is Infuse is not able to support Atmos or DTS:X due to limitations in tvOS, but this is something we are encouraging Apple to change. A few more details can be found here. Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

thank you very much both - I understand now

Picking up this thread from before…

So if Infuse can send DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD via Apple TV to AV Receiver, how do I know it is actually doing that and PCM (in my case a Yamaha AV) is playing actually lossless and not something else? Is there a way to proof?

The proof is in the technical details. Infuse licenses the codecs and decodes the audio and packages it as Linear PCM which is then sent to your receiver.

Additionally if you scroll to the bottom of here under the pro section Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore
“ HD quality audio
Hear every detail with added support for 24-bit Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio.”

What do you mean by „it is in the technical details“? Does it show somewhere what’s playing and how? Is there some additional information?

The only information in this chain I get is that my Yamaha shows me 48khz pcm stream via 5.1 or 7.1. That’s it.

Infuse is not showing any information.

Infuse won’t show anything. The pro version is licensed for TrueHD and DTS-HD and any movies with these audio files will be treated as such. While a movie is playing you can swipe down and select the audio track you want played.

If I have a Dolby true HD file with Dolby Atmos, what exactly infuse will do with it ?

And will I get Atmos ?

And how come Netflix able to send Atmos from ATV 4K and not infuse ?

I suggest reading the Dolby atmos thread at the top of the forum. Infuse will read the TrueHD track and decode it to PCM. Atmos metadata is stripped out because the AppleTV doesn’t support bitstreaming which is required for TrueHD with atmos.

Netflix encodes everything as Dolby digital plus with atmos.

How about dolby digital plus tracks containing Atmos ?

I just noticed that MRMC does atmos just like Netflix , EAC3Atmos / 6

Can’t this be implemented in Infuse ?

This is good info thanks, so there is no quality loss with dolby true hd and DTS HD MA tracks played through infuse, its just infuse sends it pre decoded as PCM to AVR rather passthrough ?

Also can you pls implement the Atmos which works with DD+ tracks, like Netflix and MRMC also does Atmos with DD+tracks, it even works in TVOS 12.4

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