Can Infuse on Apple TV Support HDR Dolby Atmos network streams?

Hi ! I have been looking into getting infuse pro but i am not sure if Infuse supports playback of network streams (urls direct from internet). I have been using VLC to play network streams but since VLC lacks HDR and Atmos support, i am looking for other option. I couldn’t find any place to paste network stream urls on Infuse 7. Any help is appreciated. iOS app seems to have that feature but not apple tv . Not sure why …

Are these something like m3u files?

These aren’t currently supported, but this is something we’re hoping to look into for a future version. You can follow this thread for updates?

Hi ! Your iOS app already has that feature. Its called via direct url. So if you have mkv or mp4 file thats stored on cloud or your have a direct link for it, you can directly stream it. I wish tvOS had that as well.

Ok, if they are just mp4 or mkv files, then yes these can be used in the current version.

Links cannot be added directly on Apple TV, but links added on iOS will sync via iCloud to the Apple TV and will appear under the Links icon on the Home Screen.

More info on using iCloud sync can be found here.

Is there a reason why they cant be added directly on Apple TV ? VLC lets you do that on Apple TV and KM Player lets you do that . You guys have an amazing app iOS, why cut down on features on tvOS ?

Let me take a look at the cloud sync part. Thanks ! Please consider adding the support for adding links directly into Apple TV app.

It’s generally just easier to do on iOS, as opposed to typing in addresses manually on Apple TV. You can also add them on macOS, and they’ll sync the same way.

There is a thread in the suggestions area for adding them directly on Apple TV, but it doesn’t seem like too many people are looking for this.

Hi ! Most of the Apple TV users get prompt with textbox on their iphones when they want to type something on tvOS. That feature is flawless and has been there for years. Within a second you can paste the link on tvOS through your iphone. No sync needed. No need to type anything. So I would suggest adding direct link support within the tvOS app. I will check the icloud sync method as well. But if a free app has that feature then why not a premium app which already has a strong core. And I dont think it’s hard to implement. If you guys had it I would have bought the app long back.

Thanks !

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I tried the iCloud sync feature! It’s pretty cool. I am sold. You have me as customer :slight_smile: I had to make some space in my iCloud. Thank you so much for your help !

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