Can Infuse meet my needs? (with description of equipment and objectives)

I have:

Synology DS214play
Apple TV

I want to stream MKV files directly from my NAS - complete with chapters and subtitles (.srt) - to my TV and iPad.
Ideally, I’d like to be able to access my files away from home.

Basically, I want PLEX with support for MKV chapters. :slight_smile:
Currently, the only way to get chapters with PLEX is to connect a dedicated PC running “PLEX Home Theater” to each TV on which one wishes to play the MKVs, which is beyond impractical for me. Otherwise, all of the PLEX clients transcode the MKVs into another format that doesn’t support chapters.

Remote access isn’t absolutely essential, but being able to jump from chapter to chapter is. (My sole motivation for this setup is having the most flexible and convenient access possible to homeschooling videos that have dozens of lessons per “DVD”.)

Can Infuse handle all of this itself? If not, can it be used in combination with another product(s) to meet my needs?

Thank you!

I have:

WD My Book Live (the old NAS they did)
Apple TV

I stream (pretty much exclusively) MP4 files from my NAS to my iPad using Infuse, then AirPlay them to my TV. Works really, really well, especially since changing to fibre optic broadband and upgrading my router. It’s pretty much a perfect set up for me.

I have only used the chapters feature once, and it worked. I’ll try again this evening. I rarely use them though.

To be honest, I try to always use MP4s as they just work more consistently. I even ended up converting a load of AVI and MKV files to M4V/MP4 as I was having issues with .SRT subs displaying weirdly, and didn’t like using Screen Mirroring on my iPad (which has to be enabled with certain formats). I think Handbrake ditches the chapter breaks during this process, but, again, I rarely use them so it’s not something I really notice.

I don’t think you can use it remotely. I’ve never tried.

Isn’t there a Synology app that works with Chromecast now? Have you tried that?

Overall though, 100% recommend it!

I have almost the same setup as you do. I have a WD nas and an Apple TV3. I use it to stream movies from the nas to the iPad and then airplay them to the ATV3. It works very well, but not perfect.
Sometimes - quite often - the movie artwork wont load all the movies. Some of them hang for a long periode.
It wont display subtitles stored on the nas, but if I download the with the built in function the are display… some of the time. About half the movie misses the subs. They go on and off all the time, and sometimes a little symbol shows up at the bottom of the screen where the subs are supposed to be.
If these minor bugs are fixed this would be the perfect app. And don’t get me wrong… this app is great and I use it every day.