Can Infuse make collections with Plex?

Hello, I’m wondering if Infuse can automatically make collections with Plex. It does this with Google Drive but not Plex.

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Infuse will be able to pick up any collections you have set up in Plex. However, it will not create collections for Plex items on its own.

Thanks for the response.

So there is no way to get collections? I don’t understand why it can do it with google drive but not plex?

Infuse uses info from TMDb to create collections.

When using Plex, Infuse will use the metadata stored in Plex instead of fetching it directly from TMDb.

If you want to avoid using Plex, you should be able to connect directly to your Plex device via SMB, NFS, or WebDAV and Infuse will be able to create collections.

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