Can Infuse do this?

Hi Everyone,

So I currently have use Plex on an NVIDIA SHIELD as a client (and plan to carry on using plex as backend if I get a ATV4K once the Plex support comes in for INFUSE)

I have become very used to my plex setup so would really like to know if Infuse can do some of the little things Plex does such as the below:

  1. Ability to hide watched shows
  2. Indicators to show total episodes left to watch
  3. Organise shows by total number of episodes left
  4. Can you have different categorises? (Currently I have a NAS with all my media Organised into folders like this: Movies, TVShows, Cartoons, Documentary’s, I like to keep certain media seperate from other media just wondering if Infuses offers something like that?

Really hope someone has the answers to my questions.

Many Thanks

Since nobody except FireCore has any idea at the moment exactly what the Plex support in inFuse will look like and offer facility wise then you are not going to get much feedback at this point.

The 5.6.9 release of inFuse looks like it might be out of beta in the next week or so, and following that the 5.7 beta program (which is when Plex support first appears) will be starting so that we get a better idea of what the Plex support will offer.

This is more inregards to can it do this now, not related to the Plex Intergration.

Have you tried Infuse? It may give you better answers if you could see it first hand.

Infuse is set up a little differently than Plex, but here are a few relevant highlights.

  • You can browse by series, season, and episode.
  • A progress indicator will be displayed on the covers of both series and season, indicating how much content is left to be watched inside each one.
  • Shows can be sorted by Title (default), date added, filename, or release date
  • You can browse using a number of categories in the Library (genres, release date, unwatched, recently added, etc...) and any number of these can be set as short cuts on the home screen. This means, with a single click you could jump into a category of 'Unwatched TV Shows'.

Hope this helps!

Thanks James,

This answers a lot of my questions really wish you had the ability to sort by unwatched episodes it’s something I really really like.

having the shows with the least amount of episodes left to watch at the top is a big thing I like as I want my media in that order.

Really hope you can add this in an update :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering my question also

Many Thanks

Want to push this thread up again as plex integration is out already…

#2 is THE top feature request on my list as well…

Plex show the numbers of unwatched episodes in one of the corners of each cover picture.
This feature is the reason why I still use the plex client and have not payed for a lifetime Pro Infuse version yet…
When this is integrated i can make the change to Infuse…

Perhaps this data is in the plex metadata so infuse can use it ?


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