Can Infuse distinguish between TV series and TV shows?

Can Infuse distinguish between TV series and TV shows?

I mainly use Infuse on tvOS / Apple TV.

By TV series I mean for example: Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Sopranos etc.

By TV shows I mean gaming, reality or quiz shows such as: Hell’s Kitchen, I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy etc.

I’m using Emby to manage my media lib, and I have two separate libraries set up in Emby for TV series and TV shows. But Infuse shows all of them under “TV series”.

I know, there is a favorite folder on tvOS for Emby where I can see my Emby libraries. But I would like to see them as those “big buttons” in Infuse.

Thanks !

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Technically, these all fall under the blanket ‘TV Shows’ category as defined by

If you want to keep these separate, you could look at adding Favorites for each Library if you have set up on Emby to appear on the Home Screen.

You can also use the Library in Infuse to browse shows and filter by genre, which may allow you to separate things. These genres can also be added as a list or favorite to appear on the Home Screen.


Hi @james,

thanks a lot for your answer.

Your tip regarding Favorites was very helpful - this way I could add the two Emby libraries as separate “buttons” to Infuse main screen.


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