Can Infuse connect to a remote PLEX server?

I saw there was a nice new update with PLEX integration, but I can’t seem to find any specifics around whether or not this means Infuse can connect to a PLEX server outside of your own network.

Does anyone know if this is possible with the new update? Any information or a link to a setup guide or something would be great. Thanks!

This would be great if possible. Looking forward to follow this thread :slight_smile:

just tried and I can access my movies from work in the Infuse app. Highly appreciated!

Yes, Infuse does support connecting to remote servers. :smiley:

The one limitation here is that Infuse will currently Direct Play everything, so if the upload speed is not fast enough for the video you are trying to play then it may cause issues.

We’re working on some slick transcoding options which will allow for videos to be streamed even when using slower network speeds.

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CONFIRMED, this is working! The setup was really quick and easy, IOS devices are doing direct play on mkv HEVC remotely (outside of my network).

This is really great… I love that this forces direct play… PLEX constantly transcoding everything is a huge pain at the moment. I understand why it does it, but Infuse is really what was missing here.

If you guys do add transcoding, I REALLY hope it is optional, and not some forced automatic process behind the scenes. I’d hate to see how this is currently working change, it’s perfect right now…

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