Can Infuse connect to a NAS with WAN?

I want my parents who live in another city to be able to access my Infuse collection. Is that possible via Apple TV? If so, does anyone have any advice as to what Apple TV variety I can buy for them that will achieve this? They don’t have a 4k TV but if the older apple Apple TV (Non-4k) has some other defect or less performance with Infuse I guess I will just have to buy them the new one.

Alternatively, does an older Apple TV or any other system allow direct attached storage? That would be ideal as it would get around any network issues they have and I can just give them a massive hard drive.

Any thoughts most welcome!

My solution it to use a NAS where you can install Emby, then you can enable remote access. Qnap and Synology are good options.

What’s your current setup?

I have a QNAP NAS at home, connected to my apple TV. I use nothing else.

I am starting to think that it might be better to just plug a Raspberry Pi into an Apple TV unit I can buy for them?

Here are instructions for a synology someone posted. Might be similar with Qnap.