Can I wipe the aTV without losing all my media?

Hi there,

I have aTV 3.3 installed - I want to update to 3.3.1 but I want to completely wipe the ‘Boot’ partition before I install it so I am working from a completely fresh and perfect copy of 3.3.1 (reason is - I only got the aTV a couple of weeks back and I’ve been messing around with things and I have probably messed with something I shouldn’t have - so I want anything I have touched to revert back to the default configs).

Now - does a factory restore wipe the entire thing? I do not want to lose all my media files - just want to scrub the boot partition.

How can I do this?


Unfortunately performing a factory restore will wipe out all your media.

What you can do is update the Apple TV software, which will wipe out only the OSBoot parition, then use the new version of aTV Flash that was released today on your newly updated 2.2 Apple TV.


Will try that.

Do you have any idea how to get VNC working (

Any help appreciated.