Can I unstall on NOT updated AppleTV 1st Gen (software 2.0)?

Thing is that the interface of software 2.0 appeals to me much more. 

I hate the interface of 3.0.


Do I have to download any special version (if there is any) for patchsticking my atv (factory restored to 2.0).



You can install aTV Flash on top of AppleTV version 2.4.

When installing aTV Flash simply choose to install ONLY the Maintenance item. Once installed, 2.4 compatible plugins will be shown in the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

i see! understood.


could you please tell me how do i upgrade to 2.4? my apple tv factory restores to 2.0, and internal update updates me to version 3…

Well assuming you have a copy of the 2.4 DMG file you can follow the steps below to force the AppleTV to update to this instead of the latest version.