Can I totally hide the Favorites bar

I would like to hide the bar that has the large color icon links to library etc. I was able to move it to near the bottom but can’t make it go away. Using an Apple TV 4K

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There’s a users guide that may help you remove or change the content on the favorite bar here.

Not sure how you’d go about browsing and choosing videos to play if you did away with all of the favorites but you can change the ones visible.

I may not have been totally clear, sorry. I display a few folders right up front such as “Recently Added Movies” and “Recently Added TV-Shows” plus both “all” movies and “all” TV-Shows, those are my first 4 rows of content links. I just don’t need the Favorites row at all so I have down near the bottom, note that you can’t make it the bottom row so I had to put an unwanted row in there to make the favorites row up just one row from the bottom. This is an OK work around but you should be able to not visible.