Thank you for this support page.
I would like to know if it is possible to switch language while watching a movie (of course if the movie supports 2 different languages).

Thank you


Are you referring to DVD movies? If so, then yes.

Thank you, but what about other movies? like mp4 or mov, with a double language?

can applecore reply this question?.. how can we switch languages in AVI movies while playing or before?

thanks in advance

I’d like to know this as well. I have some DVDs with commentary tracks, and I’d like to use handbrake to make QTs out of them with both the normal and commentary tracks, but I can’t figure out how to switch the language track on the apple tv. I can do it on my desktop, but not the ATV.

Does anyone know how to do this?

In the current version we cannot have this functionality i guess, I am too waiting for this have a lot of HD MKV’s with spanish and russian languages first

I have to go to my macmini to watch that. out there too need VLC player


So, is that right, that there is no possibility to switch between different audio streams?! neither in mplayer, no in quick time…?! Damn!!! I was too hurry to buy aTVFlash! It’s too row! I still have to spend hours to convert files into acceptable format??! Puuuff, disappointment… :frowning:

I just figured it out! In MPlayer, “#” switches the audio. If you assign “#” to one of your remote keys, you can switch the audio streams. Likewise, assigning “v” allows you to toggle subs. This will work in DVD and Matroska. I don’t think works for OGM, though.