Can I Stream Video From a Foscam IP Camera to ATV1 and Display Real-Time On TV?

I have a Foscam FI8918W IP Wireless Camera that I can monitor anytime on my Macs over both the internet and LAN.  No problem there.  Using Evocam software, I can record the video at 640x480, 15fps to any hard drive including Time Capsule.  I've done the ATV Flash on my Gen 1 Apple TV.  Using CouchSurfer, I can communicate with the camera but the video does not display.  The video frame is black.  The Foscam delivers MJPEG video.  Can anyone give me suggestions on how to get the streaming video to work?  Yes, I understand that the ATV processor is not the most powerful.  Much appreciated.  BTW:  Would I have better luck with ATV Gen 2?

Hmmmm.  I guess not.

I've been trying to do the same with no luck (with atv2 actually).  Can't really come up with a solution, except maybe using a program like securityspy for mac.  Gonna give that a try.  I'm not sure what codex Couchsurfer uses if any.