Can I stream Netflix to Apple TV?

 I just ordered Netflix in Canada,

Will I be able to stream Netflix to the Apple TV?

 I just noticed that there is an App in the iTunes store for free, I really don't want to watch Netflix on my iPod.

Will there be an iTunes App for Apple TV in the near future and will it work for both Apple TV versions?

I have an Apple Mini and would love to be able to stream Netflix to my Apple TV with a 160 gb hard drive.


It can't be that hard to do can it?

Unfortunately Netflix is not currently supported.

This has been fixed. You can watch NETFLIX via your Apple TV.

Just need to re stream NETFLIX with the PLAYON software running via your desktop computer.

It works great for me, but you need a fast computer to run PLAYON.

Playon? Interesting, now! Is this installed in the apple tv? Also, I have heard you can use firefox with flash and netflix. Is this true???
Ok, so after a few google searches. Playon is not the answer here. We are looking for something to play netflix on the tv from the apple tv. Anyone? will allow you to play NETFLIX on your APPLE TV.  I do this every day.  Kids play it all day long. 

The PLAYON software needs to run as a server on a fast WINDOWS computer.  Since I have my desktop computer at my office desk in my house, can let PLAYON run in the background, and use my desktop computer for anything and everything else.

PLAYON then serves the NETFLIX to your XBMC client.  Works fine to play and pause.  FF and RW do not work.  There is no CUE as you have to manage your online CUE at NETFLIX, and I do this via my IPHONE.

All sweet



Sounds very impressive, and maybe to ilaberit . First, Playon is windows based only, must use boot camp or parallels if your a Mac. This seems to be using several computer devices to acomplish. There must be an easier way? If not, I am very jealous of you getting all this to work, you might think about posting actual steps in this process, I could for see people having problems with the Xbmc connection part! The rest seems straight forward, also, can we use the free ware Playon or do you have to buy the application, probably not good for most of these readers.

Yes you can.... First there are two things to be aware of.  First, the air mouse has to be installed (Maintenance -->Install Extras) and secondly, it has to be in enabled (Maintenance -->Settings --> Air Mouse Enabled).  When I was installing software I found that each time I installed something I had to go back and re-enable the air mouse, so keep an eye on that.


Ok... to get Air Mouse working in FF I also had to install Mouse Locator (NitoTV -->Settings --> Install Software -->Install Mouse Locator).  Once done I was able to see the mouse cursor.  Remember to go back and re-enable the Air Mouse if you need to.


The second problem I ran into was with the Air Mouse App on my iPhone 4.  It kept winking on and off each time I touched the screen and acting really strange.  I figured out that you need to turn off the "Proximity Sensor" in the app.


I hope that helps.