Can I stream movies from my ATV to my ATV2?

I have an ATV with atv Flash installed. I also have an ATV2 with ATVflashBlack installed. I have movies stored on the hard drive of my ATV, that I would like to stream to my ATV2. Can this be done. Any advice appreciated.

Yes, there is a File Sharing option which can be found in the Maintenance --> Settings menu on the ATV1. Once this is enabled, you can setup a share point on the ATV2 to stream from the ATV1. (connection settings will be listed on the ATV1 once Files Sharing is enabled).


Thanks for your reply, but I cannot get this to work. I have set up the file sharing option on ATV1,and when I try to link to ATV2, I get an error saying cannot connect(60). Any advice?

I am doing this and it works fine. You probably have a setup issue with sharing on your ATV1. You might try first getting it working such that you access the ATV1 with a computer on your network, and then try accessing it with the ATV2 once you have that working.