Can I/should I update my ATV2 firmware past 5.3?

Sorry for the following clueless question, but I can’t find the answer.

I have an ATV2 running firmware 5.3 and ATVFlash 2.6. Is it safe to update the ATV2 to the latest firmware? If it is, is it wise to?


You cannot update the firmware and keep the jailbreak.

There is a beta for a jailbreak of the latest firmware, but it is a tethered jailbreak, and can currently only be installed from a Mac.

Got it - thanks for the clarification.

I do have a Mac and could re-jailbreak it if necessary. Is there any particular advantage to running either the current firmware and/or the beta installer? A key feature or something? Sorry for not being up to date on my knowledge about this software ecosystem…

The main reason you might want to update to the latest firmware is that AirPlay of video from devices running iOS9 does not work if the ATV2 is running the 5.3 firmware. If you do not use AirPlay then there is less reason to update as a tethered jailbreak can be a real nuisance (unless you have the ATV2 attached to a UPS so it rarely loses power).

Thanks! Hmmm… well, that explains why AirPlay didn’t work recently when I tried it. It would be nice to get that working again. OTOH, not having to maintain a difficult configuration is worth a lot, too. Decisions…

Do you mean to use the beta jailbreak (to get past 5.3) one has to jailbreak the ATV every time after a power loss? I thought tethered jailbreak merely meant that the jailbreaking has to be done over USB connection???