Can I share Infuse library and metadata across devices?

I have Infuse on an Apple TV, Mac, and iPad. I also have an insanely large Plex library, which I connect to with Infuse. It has taken many days of scanning to get Infuse to complete scanning the Plex library on the iPad. I just checked the metadata in Settings / General, and it comes in at a whopping 17.7 GB.

I have tried to get the library scanned on the Apple TV. I’ve even left the TV on with Infuse scanning overnight, several times. But it invariably either crashes, or someone interrupts it (it’s a busy living room) or something else happens to interrupt the scan.

It seems like, since I have all devices set to sync with iCloud, I should be able to share this library data and metadata between devices, since they are all signed in to the same account. But I don’t think that’s possible.

Any suggestions on how I can make this work?

Only the metadata will be synced, not artwork. So, it will still need to pull those gb of files from TMDB.

If your ATV has that much flash storage capacity and RAM to handle such a big database is questionable.

Make sure to disable image precaching for your plex share. It might be turned on already by default.

So if I understand you correctly, it doesn’t seem like my setup is working as expected. As I said before, I have an iPad with a fully synced library. It is also synced to iCloud. I just installed Infuse on a new Mac. It’s also synced to iCloud. I would expect it to relatively quickly import the metadata from iCloud, and fill in the artwork over time. Instead, it seems to be loading the library from scratch, scanning the Plex library directly.

I feel like I’m missing something here, but I’m not quite sure what it is.

munpip could be right but from my experience it feels like every device you have infuse connected to litterally has to scan the files to pull metadata regardless if you already pulled them on another device. Another user already commented about that.. Again, I could be wrong but judging by how long it takes for media to appear that was already scanned on another device, I would say it scans the library from scratch regardless.

Plex might behave differently than standalone. I think since it is the golden source for data then infuse might not actually store much in iCloud since it would expect easy access to even more data from plex.

How much storage is being used by infuse in iCloud?

So after doing some research I discovered that iCloud storage is not used at all when connecting to a Plex server. So because I am only using Plex, the iCloud setting is meaningless.

I really wish Infuse would allow you to just use the regular Plex database when using it as a Plex client. It is really practically unusable when dealing with a large remote Plex database. Since Infuse it almost never up to date and takes so long to complete syncing.

I know this has been requested in the past, and has never been addressed, so I’m not very hopeful…

I also think update 7.3.3 broke iCloud syncing, but no one is paying close enough attention at this behaviour.

There was a change to it and you have to make sure all of your devices have updated. Otherwise they will stop syncing.

That wasn’t the case before 7.3.3. It used to be very fast on the second device. Only time it required was to pull those artworks.

Yeah, all of them are up-to-date and broken after that.