Can I set Infuse to prefer embedded subtitles when available?

I’m using Infuse with a Plex server. Many of my media files have SRT subtitles embedded in the mp4 or mkv file. Some have external .srt files in the same directory as the media file. I also have Plex set to download subtitles, and these show up in the Plex server somehow.

Currently when I go to play a new movie or TV series episode, Infuse defaults to showing the Plex-downloaded subtitles. Since these are automatically downloaded, they haven’t been reviewed to make sure they’re correct, which makes them the worst of the three choices. Often they don’t sync and I have to manually set the correct subtitles. I’d like Infuse to choose subtitles in this order:

  1. Internal subtitles embedded in the media file
  2. External subtitles in the directory with the media file
  3. Downloaded subtitles provided by the server

Is there any way to set Infuse to choose subtitles in that logical fashion? Thanks!

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Currently Infuse will always prefer the external subtitles, as the presence of external subs is (weak) evidence you want to use them over something that is embedded inside.

However, there are of course some situations where using the embedded subs is preferred, so this is an area we hope to provide more flexibility around in the future.

I also have this problem. There should be an option for this. Thanks!

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