Can I sell my ATV2 with Firecore Installed?

I have an ATV2 with FireCore installed. I no longer need it and will be selling it. Can I transfer my FireCore license to the buyer of the ATV2?







I had also wondered about selling with ATVFlash(black) on board… I could not see an issue, but to get updates, the transfer of licence would have to be approved.  On the other hand, if you havent bought the lifetime updates, when it was time, again, the new owner could simply get their own licence, yes?

Certainly the new owner can always get their own license, but I guess my real question is; Legally speaking (per the license agreement), is the new owner required to buy their own license, or will FireCore allow me to simply transfer my licensing rights to the new owner of the ATV2?

It comes down to a matter of convenience more than cost. And I think an ATV2 that is already jail-broken and installed with ATVFlash has a higher resale value than one that requires that tedious setup.


I’m also looking at selling, iv’e tried it out and it was great but decided to go another way, can i uninstall everything back to factory settings, and how would i do that, just plug into iTunes and restore? any help would be great.


Yes, a restore will get it back to factory settings.

If anyone is looking to sell their ATV2 I would consider buying another one. Overall I’m very happy with the Firecore product.

So if i sold it with everything installed, they would not be able to update it? 

Why not also give the buyer the FireCore account details associated with the ATV Flash software on the ATV that is being sold?   The buyer can then set the username, password and email to their own values. This would seem to me to be the obvious way of transferring everything to the buyer.   The buyer will inherit whatever support the seller has associated with that account, and the seller will no longer have access.


I was going to post an add to Craigslist or eBay. I understand jailbroken ATV2’s start at about $250 and go up from there depending on how it configured. Let me know if you’d like to save me the trouble of posting an ad.