Can I quickly select multiple files/seasons to download from NAS? Or only 1 episode at a time?

I hate that Infuse 4 doesn’t allow me to quickly select multiple episodes or seasons to download. Selecting episodes to download one by one drove me mad. Has this been fixed with 5? If so I’ll upgrade. Currently can’t see a way to do so, but maybe I’m missing something? Waiting on response.

Probably the best way to queue up multiple downloads is to browse for files using the Add Files menu.

There, you can quickly tap the download icon that appears to next to files in the list to get a number of downloads going.

Please add this feature to the UI in a future release to match the functionality of nplayer which I’ve been using instead of Infuse simply because nplayer UI does allow quickly queuing many files and folders for download. Infuse requires too much swiping and tapping. I don’t even understand why I can use select on files stored locally in IOS Infuse5 app, but if I navigate into a network share folder the option to select files is greyed out. Why? And when will this be fixed? I’d rather be using infuse if you can fix this.

I second this. Selecting multiple files should be a standard browsing feature.

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